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Remember what it is you've always wanted from your marriage, and start considering the large, determined commitment that is absolutely necessary to creating a happy marriage.

Most of us won't fall in love in cyber space, yet we find it okay to share a different kind of space with friends of the opposite sex.

When a spouse places his or her primary emotional needs in the hands of someone outside the marriage, it breaks the bond of marriage just as adultery does. Consider your own personal relationships: If you're doing any of these things, you're being emotionally unfaithful to your spouse. If you're spending it with coworkers or outside the home and then getting home and feeling too tired to spend any more on your spouse, that's emotional infidelity.

You're effectively relocating vital marital energy into the hands of others. Even if you never touch this other person, you have still used that person to relate to, and in doing so, you relate away from your spouse. But I've spent years helping couples pool their energies toward each other, and it has changed their marriage immediately.

If we were to start two businesses simultaneously, others would count the minutes until we filed for bankruptcy.

The only way to keep a marriage strong is to put it first and foremost always.We discuss our problems, air out our issues, and settle disagreements with our business colleagues. What's the harm in a man having a casual friendship with a woman when either is married?Surely, every friendship doesn't lead to an affair.They don't know that you really plan to live the rest of your life with your spouse. But it can be wonderful only if you learn to be there through thick and thin.When you know that you can be at your very lowest and your spouse will put loving arms around you and pledge undying love, you're married forever.

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