Dating dental hygienist

Crawford Long, a physician, later claims he used ether as an anesthetic in an operation as early as 1842, but he did not publish his work.

Robert Arthur originates the cohesive gold foil method allowing dentists to insert gold into a cavity with minimal pressure.

The initial search may be requested by city, county, zip code, zip code ranges, specialty, date of birth, year graduated, school attended, method of licensure, status of the license, and gender.

All orders can be sorted by license number, zip code, alphabetically by name, city, or county. We have made available the full database of all dentists, dental hygienists, and registered dental laboratories in Texas. The information is available as comma separated text which can be saved as a file or viewed in your web browser.

Most importantly, thank you to all of the hygienists who carry their patients’ best interests at heart.

We salute you and congratulate you on 104 wonderful years in the business!

He trained her for one year in his practice before allowing her to take over the duties of scaling and polishing the patients’ teeth. In fact, last year, named the job of a dental hygienist as the #14 best job in the country.

Because of the popularization of dental hygiene, patients enjoy a wider breadth of preventative care than ever before.

During the 1970s, sealants also gained widespread popularity as a tool for caries prevention.

With the discovery of the AIDS virus in 1981, widespread panic spread throughout the country, as the cause and means of infection had not yet been identified.

Now…let’s take a look back over the last 104 years to see just how far dental hygiene has come.

With the world’s first formal dental school dating back to 1828, it seems ironic that it took almost 100 years for dental hygiene—the foundation of the maintenance of healthy teeth—to catch up. Alfred Fones who is credited as the “Father of Dental Hygiene,” as he educated the first ever dental hygienist, his assistant Irene Newman.

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