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Michele spent the night there and awoke the next morning with a big appetite.Laura says Michele came into the kitchen about am, all dressed up, with her hair fixed and makeup on.“If there was something that happened that was unintentional, or if something happened and you covered it up, please tell me now,” the officer said.“[It’s] either self-inflicted and you covered it up or potential you may be involved.” Caught between a scenario in which she was a cold-blooded murderer or one that painted her as a frantic wife and mother acting impulsively, Michele chose the latter. Ever the charmer, Michele even congratulated the detective on cracking the case.There’s only one recorded instance of police asking Michele if she was having an affair. But without any physical evidence to tie her to the murder, she was arrested for filing a false police report and allowed to go home.

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“Michele was crying on and off, but it didn’t seem genuine,” her sister, Laura Cusick, said in a police interview.

Michele claimed an intruder dressed in black smacked her in the head with the wrench before shooting Greg in the right temple and fleeing out the back door.

The couple’s 4-year-old daughter had slept through the entire ordeal. A neighbor’s security camera footage showed only one car entering the gated subdivision in the hours surrounding the murder.

Claiming that she wanted to spare their young daughter from the painful truth, Michele told police she cleaned the gun and Greg’s hands before frantically staging a home break-in and calling 911.

That explanation, however flawed, provided a reason why the house was devoid of forensic evidence.

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