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I'm watching Gossip Girl for the first time after covering the pilot in my podcast with Miss. What a ridiculous show, it's a glossy soap opera about the "lives of Manhattan's elite", yet apparently there are only 12 people in that elite bubble and they all date each other. Mainly because those new people are nearly always evil and scheming. New people come in, stay for a couple of weeks, but then are quickly shown the door.The lights were dimmed and the candles were lit in King Hall, as the club aimed to create a romantic ambience for the 60 students present at the session.Upon arrival, each student was presented with a name tag, a pamphlet and a pen for keeping track of names throughout the event.There's something of Veronica Sawyer about her, but with headbands and more frills, and I'm pretty sure Olivia Palermo was the inspiration for, and also is inspired by, Ms. I've mainly focused on her autumn and winter styles, but there's a bit of summer in there too.Also sorry to any Serena fans, I may well cover her too, but if I'm honest she just doesn't have the bite that Blair does. She wears a lot of navy, tartan/plaid, and coloured tights.She also tells a Prince off for wearing jeans to an event. She never plays it completely safe, like below where she's whipped out a yellow coat, red tights and a tan bag. This white dress below with it's, again, 70s shape is so pretty and statement, I think most people would just wear it with bare legs and a little bit of jewellery.That should not go together, and it kind of doesn't, but her attitude makes it work. That pale blue coat with brown trim - I would never know how to wear that, and yet it's so perfect with the 70s boots and matching bag. But Blair puts on lacy brown tights and another one of her frickin' headbands.

Also I know the identity of the head honcho of the website that spills all the gossip, AKA Gossip Girl, and knowing that makes watching for the first time slightly worrying.

Seating was arranged carefully, according to the gender preference students provided in their speed dating RSVP.

For some students, the event served as a unique way to meet new people, and many came with a group of friends to try out speed dating.

And everyone around her - the minions - dress the same way.

I would have thought that would annoy Blair but she seems to love it, at one point she meets someone wearing a bow headband and tells her, "bows always go on the right".

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