Df not updating solaris

Scal Mount Point:3,scalmnt-rg,scal-oradata-11g-rs,/usr/cluster/lib/rgm /rt/scal_mountpoint/scal_mountpoint_probe]: Probing thread for mountpoint /oradata/11g is hanging for timeout period 300 [email protected]:~# clzc reboot zoneclustername clzc: (C827595) "pnode2" is not in cluster mode. [email protected]:~# clzc halt zoneclustername clzc: (C827595) "pnode2" is not in cluster mode.

clzc: (C493113) No such object., the command fails to create the resource.

When deleting a large file in the Vx FS file system, the associated file system extents are not always immediately freed.

Under certain circumstances, the maps are not updated right away; even when the transaction is logged, these delayed extent frees are not immediately completed.

Workaround: Edit the XML configuration file to remove the non-tunable extension properties from the resource.

Problem Summary: Turning off fencing for a shared device with an active I/O load might result in a reservation conflict panic for one of the nodes that is connected to the device.

Workaround: Verify that True Copy replicas are not in the COPY state, or that SRDF replicas are not split before you attempt to switch the associated Oracle Solaris Cluster global-device group to another cluster node.

Furthermore, the device group is unable to come back online on the original node until the replica pair is been returned to a paired state.

Workaround: Ignore the check violation for this specific process.

This real-time process is new for Oracle RAC 12c and is allowed for Oracle Solaris Cluster.

Workaround: When you run the interactive utility, choose to configure the sponsor node and additional nodes in separate operations, rather than by configuring all nodes in a single operation.

When the utility prompts "Do you want to use autodiscovery? You can then select transport adapters from the list that is provided by the utility.

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