I like chennai aunty

Shakeela has started appearing in comedy oriented family character roles in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada since 2003.

She wrote her autobiography which told about her family,and her background, acqintances with notable film personalities, politicians and childhood friends.

I touched her boobs tenderly and then tried to size them up by moving my palms all over her boobs. I played with her boobs to my satisfaction and then sat down on my knees to take them in my mouth. Anyway it cumed once more and make it fell on the cleverage of her breast. We both kissed again and it lasted for about 10 minutes. I only saw this type of kissing in the movies and then I was enjoying it in the reality, with my sexy aunt. She took the bed sheet and went to the bathroom for wash. That evening she called me by phone and we then had a serious talk.

I sucked her nipples, chewing them, then I took her full breasts in my mouth and sucked them one by one. It hurts.” I smiled and got back to sucking her breasts. I then positioned my cock to her vaginal opening and began to move it slightly inside. I pushed all my cock in her and began the movement .slowly slowly I increased the speed …. She was moaning with every push and held my back to herself for pusing deeper. Even though it was her safe period she insisted me not to cum inside her and so I dropped it outside. She told me not to continue that type of relationship as it was against the custom. I also promised her that I will not tempt her for sex from then onwards and would view her as my Aunty and would respect her as so…….

The returns on these films were assured even if they run only in 30 to 40 stations.

Her popular B-Grade films were dubbed and released in almost all Indian languages.

She said your Uncle has are not been able to satisfy her and she is sex hungry for long time, she wants me satisfy her sex urge.

Slowly I inserted my finger in her cunt and started finger fucking her. It appeared it was her first time as soon as I touched her g-spot she moaned loudly. First on my chest, then on my neck and then on my lips. She parted her lips and moved them lovingly over the head of my penis, and I groaned watching her head bob up and down, I noticed a few gray hairs on the crown of her head, and I thought to myself that this was the first time I ever had sex with a older woman-my own aunty! Sucking in more and more,her moans increased and she told ‘more more’. She shook a little and moaned in a very sexy way.’You are killing me’ she cried. I replied ‘what culture in sex, I don’t know, I want it and I moved my view to that tiny hole’. By that time my dick became that much hard as it badly needs a nice fuck. I started riding her like a horse and she was breathing fastily. I told ‘my dream is not fully fulfilled,turn round’.’No I’m afraid,it will pain in ass’She told.’What pain,all pain leads to a pleasure’ and I made her in doggie position and put my dick onto her ass hole. She told ‘Women are like that,being away from husband for long they needs sex but can’t express it fearing the society,they tried to control the best. I used to fuck her jumping her wall at night and entering through backdoor and whenever she or me alone at home. It was my first time I am hugging a lady (in my teen age). But with full of courage I again hugged her and we both lay on the bed facing each other. She then suddenly got hold over my ‘thing’ over my shorts. I felt it was coming and within seconds I dropped my ‘Juice’ in her mouth.. She stood up and went to bathroom to wash and came back. I slowly hugged her and unhooked the bra from back and her breasts got freed from that tight bra…. For the first time in my life I saw a nude woman near me.. I had an another erection within minutes She put it in her mouth and began sucking it. Now she was getting horny then I moved my hand down to her thighs and started touching her cunt. Though I am very new on that job, I explored through the hairy areas and I put my figures slowly in her vagina. Till then I was a virgin, having not even a girlfriend, not to say the least of having a mature women.

She shifted the topic to my future plans and about marriage.

I told her no plans for marriage at present since I had settle in my professional life however any good proposal came for girl having qualities like to you, I will consider the things. I told her that she is well educated, settled , working, beautiful and sexy.

She was moving her hand lovingly through my hair now. I was sucking one of her boobs and caressing and pinching the other. Really she lived with her husband only for about a month, so she was not enough satisfied with sex. Her walls were too tight for my 8” ‘thing’ to enter fully. I increased my speed and fucked her harder and harder. After that we never tried to continue that relationship. I am sure there is no site whatsoever to compare with it muchless compete withit.

I released her boobs from my mouth and asked her, “How do you feel? When I was fully satisfied enjoying her boobs, I kissed her belly button and kissed all over her tummy. At last I was getting to touch, smell, feel her panty. I smelled it rubbing my nose on it and smooched it. I figured her for about 5 minutes and began to play with my tongue. She was too horny then and was moaning slowly without much noise. I never disrespect her with any extra freedom and she is my respected aunt now also…We never talked of that subject. Anyways I like the aunt stories r my favourite for the simple reason that I've had a couple of liasions myself.

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