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The researchers then explored how extra amounts of Shank3 protein wreak havoc inside the brain.

In lab studies that examined brain cells, called neurons, derived from the Shank3 mice, the researchers found that higher-than-normal levels of Shank3 boosted the number of dendritic spines on the neurons.

These mood swings go well beyond the regular ups and downs of daily life. During manic episodes, people may report feeling “wired,” jumpy, or overly energetic and happy.

They may speak quickly, have difficulty focusing, become unrealistically ambitious, make hasty decisions, and engage in high-risk activities and behaviors.

It worked—reversing the animals’ hyperactivity and sound sensitivity, as well as correcting abnormal signaling activity in the brain. It also provides yet another compelling example of how basic research aimed at understanding fundamental biology may lead to more precise and effective ways to treat complex medical conditions.

All of this—the latest study and the future work it will fuel—adds up to encouraging news for the more than 5 million U.

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To find out, the Baylor team created a strain of genetically engineered mice that produces 50% more Shank3 protein than normal mice.When colleagues don’t communicate a decision until right before a deadline, it can wreak havoc on your workflow.You can use this type of approach to set standards for communication with your colleague: I’ve attached the proposal for the work we discussed.There are similar observations for autism, schizophrenia, and major depression.But finding the genes that predispose to these conditions has proven very tricky.

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