Lily allen dating

However, the star's people have insisted there is no change to Lily's relationship with Sam.They told The Mirror: "There's no change, she and Sam are very much married." Meanwhile, the mother of two has recently hired an £80-an-hour personal trainer - for her face - to fight of the signs of ageing and has also been selling her old clothes online.When Allen was 4 years old, her father left the family.Growing up, Allen spent time with many of her parents' famous friends, forming an especially close bond with former Clash singer Joe Strummer. Allen was expelled from several schools for drinking and smoking.She said: "It's funny because my boyfriends have gone up in terms of age and how much money they make."Lester Lloyd was a 20-year-old DJ and had no money, Seb Chew was 30 and had a bit more as a record executive, Ed Simons was 40 and had a bit more and Jay is pushing 50."That means the next one is probably going to be 60.

Being labeled a pop "It Girl" with the power to unite demographic tribes like no one since The Streets or the Arctic Monkeys" by the U. newspaper The Observer, Lily Allen smoothly managed to gain wide recognition at such a very young age.In 2005, Allen signed with Regal Recordings, though the label had scarce resources to promote her work.Allen then took matters into her own hands, posting demos on My Space.Born Lily Rose Beatrice Allen on May 2, 1985 in Hammersmith, London she was the daughter of actor/comedian Keith Allen and film producer Alison Owen.Growing up in Shepherds Bush and Bloomsbury before finally settling in the North London borough of Islington, she had a rather unusual childhood as she changed school thirteen times which consequently gave her little chance to make lasting friendships for sure.

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