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17) Who will your future children go to when they want something?

18) When was the first moment you realized that you loved each other?

I know the lessons I've learned and the experiences I've had can help you.

Along the way, I gathered an amazing array of tools and aids I call the Gay Girl Dating Toolbox.

It's been through those experiences that Gay Girl Dating Coach was born. Well I believe that there is a girl that exists in each one of us.

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Join me at Gay Girl Dating Coach for direct access to many more articles, "On the Fly" Coaching and my VIP Coaching program - The Road Map to Lesbian Love in 2013.

Plus, a few of his answers really surprised everyone and even made most of us tear up! 1) When you met, what was the first thing you noticed about the bride?

It was the sweetest 🙂 It really wasn’t too hard to do and you could really do it yourself! 2) If you could be any superhero, what superhero would you be?

Dating/Being Single Support, Empowering Women, LGBT Issues (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender), Life Transitions, Sexuality Author, Consultant, Life Coach, Personal Development Coach, Relationship Coach, Speaker/Presenter Happiness is an inside job.

Get it right there and it'll follow you everywhere you go! I spent most of my younger years exploring sex and feeling very attracted to girls but being brought up a strict Catholic by an even stricter dad meant I ended up getting married so I could be the good girl in my family.

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