Post dating a check

There are two alternatives that could have prevented this situation from happening—one that could’ve taken away the construction company’s authority to deposit the check, and another that could have taken away the bank’s discretion to process it.

To take away the discretion from the construction company, my friend could have gotten the construction company to actually agree in writing to not deposit the check until after Friday.

He had just finished getting a deck added to his backyard, and he had a final payment due for approximately ,800.The better solution, or perhaps one that should be pursued jointly, is to call the bank and notify them ahead of time not to accept that particular check until Friday.It can be simple as calling the bank and saying “I just wrote a check No.By the time he realized what the construction company had done, he was staring at 0 in bad check fees from his bank.What rules govern this type of situation, and if we accept the premises that led up to it as necessary, how could it have been mitigated?

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