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The -minute trailer opens with Ellen, Lily's character, guessing the number of calories in each component of her meal with worrying accuracy.

Her sister tells her jokingly: 'It's like you have calorie Asperger's.'Ellen's mother then catches her with a huge cup of (presumably diet) soda and tells her: 'That's not breakfast', to which Ellen shoots back that neither is coffee, which the mom, played by Carrie Preston, is brewing.

The trailer then hits at what's in store for Ellen: painful family therapy sessions, a friendship with an English-accented boy who admits he's 'really f*****g hungry', and, maybe, a glimmer of hope for her recovery.

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Lately I've been using this one more since my eating habits have become more "normal" and I've been getting a lot better thanks to Recovery Record for the past few years.A trailer for the film, released on Tuesday, shows Ellen performing a string of harmful behaviors well known to those who have wrestled with disordered eating: calorie counting, food restriction, and obsessive exercise.Some accused the movie of romanticizing eating disorders (with one person calling it 'pro ana porn'), the same way viewers slammed 13 Reasons Why for glamorizing suicide.Meal plans typically stress me out, but the Recovery Warriors Rise Up app is a great way to simultaneously track intake and emotions and notice patterns that I wasn't fully aware of before.I use it as a sort of diary to communicate the thoughts/feelings that I don't have time to fully explain in a single meeting with my dietitian, but that she can see in the reports I send her weekly via the app. I'm still a baby in my recovery, and I'm glad I found this app. I've tried other meal trackers and many of them were either too complicated or very triggering - not the best choice for someone who tends to obsess over food. The coping skills section is cool, I'm definitely gonna use the journal prompts.

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