Remove iphone jailbreak without updating software update services updating drivers

Follow this tutorial for how to revert back to stock i OS and remove your current jailbreak without updating your i OS version.A powerful new tool has just been released for jailbreakers to their i OS devices called Cydia Impactor.The biggest advantage with this tool is its ability to restore the device to stock settings without the need to upgrade i OS and thereby preserve the privilege of jailbreaking, as newer i OS versions already have patched up known exploits used in existing jailbreaks.

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For most, that option simply won’t work and others have reported experiencing battery life problems and activation issues when updating on top of a jailbreak.

In addition, you can restore your essential data from backup, during the i OS setup process.

That’s not to say things don’t go wrong, and it might surprise you to learn there’s actually a “right way” to go about doing this.

Important: For this reason, you shouldn’t upgrade the software on your phone or restoring to stock if you depend on your jailbreak for an unlock.

Unless you’re making a warranty claim or passing the phone on to someone who can use it on the network it is locked to, you might as well keep an eye on the jailbreak scene to ensure you can still use your phone once you’ve upgraded and re-jailbroken.

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