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Nightline is just the latest in a long line of journalistic media that have sought to 'expose" our singles tours.

I love it when news organizations like Nightline do stories about A Foreign Affair because it shows the world that the stereotypes the media loves to encourage really do not exist.

There is unique pleasure in giving a National Geographic gift subscription as your thoughtfulness is expressed not just once, but all year long.

And don't forget, you'll also benefit from receiving a free world map!

After being acquaintances for decades, they’ve recently started stepping out as a couple — mostly at quiet get-togethers with close friends, though they were spotted together last winter at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. No one’s filed for divorce, but it seems everyone has moved on.

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" It's true - I may be a little nuts after running A Foreign Affair for the last 16 years (just kidding - I wouldn't trade it for the world!Perhaps the most famous image was the June 1985 cover portrait of the 13-year-old Afghan girl, Sharbat Gula.This haunting picture became one of the world’s most recognizable and iconic images of the century.129 years later National Geographic gets you closer to the stories that matter.Through the world’s best scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, National Geographic captivates and entertains a global community.

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